Community Guideline

Effective since: Feb 25 2023

Our community is only for those who are 18 years or older.Please be truthful about your age. You can't register the kittychat;member if you choose the age of birthdate under 18 years old when you sign up. If you find someone who is under 18 is using the service, it is essential that you report it immediately. kittychat;will terminate the account, delete any content or information that he or she has posted on the services, and prohibit them from using or accessing the kittychat;service if it believes that someone is under 18.

We are committed to giving users a safe and secure environment to connect with others and express themselves by building and protecting a one-to-one space that respects your privacy and safety. That said, we are aware that the online world can also bring instances of misuse and abusive behavior, and as such, we will take action based on our community guidelines and company values.

Our community guidelines define what is what is not allowed on the platform. They are set to encourage an open, authentic, and healthy discussion which contribute to building a safe environment where you can be yourself. Safety and trust are our number one priority, and we work hard every day to improve our technology and enforcement efforts to prevent and/or remove harmful content and behavior whenever we become aware of it. In addition, we encourage you to report inappropriate behavior or content you may come across so we can review it against our guidelines.

To help you report on content which you think may violate these guidelines, please report within the kittychat;app immediately. Every time you flag something to us you help us make our community safer. Thank you for that!


Minors are not allowed on our platforms. We leverage state-of-the-art detection technology and our human resources to keep underage age users off our platform. Our age verification process uses artificial technology and a KYC review that provides us with a complete and holistic analysis of user profiles. Human moderators will review accounts flagged by our automated system or by user reports and take action accordingly.


At kittychat, we believe people need to feel safe to build meaningful connections, and we work hard to protect our users, especially minors. We are committed to making our community a safe place where content that promotes harmful or dangerous behavior isn’t allowed. Our rules are designed to mitigate potential online risks, focusing on child safety, sensitive content, and criminal behavior

Violent and Hateful Behavior:

· Content or behavior that threatens, incites, or promotes violence or hatred on our platform is strictly prohibited.

· We do not allow content that contains hateful behaviors and is aimed at attacking an individual on their basis of race, nationality, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, gender, gender identification, and disability.

· We do not allow individuals or organizations who praise, promote, or engage in violence, including hate groups, terrorist organizations, criminal organizations, and non-state armed groups.

Adult-themed Content:

· We do not allow any type of nudity or sexual activity displays on our platforms in order to protect our community from abusive behaviors such as sharing non-consensual intimate images, underage content, exploitation, or sexual solicitation. Examples include and are not limited to:

· Nudity or Near Nudity:

· Shirtless/underwear mirror selfies/videos: transparent clothing

· Photos/videos in bikini/swimwear

· Nude images/videos of yourself or others, including visible genitalia, breasts

· Near nudity

· Digital Nudity in the context of sexual activity or sexualizing minors.

· Adult Sexual Activity: Sexually explicit content such as sexual intercourse, stimulation, or arousals.

· Sexually Explicit Language: We strongly encourage users to be mindful of their language and abide by our safety guidelines when connecting to others. Some members within our global community may be sensitive to this type of content and behaviors, which would impede the ability of people to establish meaningful connections with the greater community.

Bullying & Harassment:

· At kittychat, we encourage diversity in our community and promote respect among all our users with zero tolerance for discrimination.

· We have a zero-tolerance policy towards bullying and harassment of any kind and any acts of intimidation by another user.

· Abusive language or behavior can negatively impact mental health and well-being, causing serious distress in an individual. Therefore, content that intends to degrade, threaten, or shame an individual is not allowed on our platforms.

Child Safety:

· Children are not allowed on our platforms. We have a zero-tolerance policy regarding underage content and do not allow the display of sexual abuse or content that compromises children. When we become aware of underage content or child exploitation imagery, we may report it to authorities and the responsible account will be terminated; for example, but not limited to:

· Content that threatens, depicts, partakes, makes statements of intent, or shares links of sexually exploited children participating in any type of sexual activity. This includes but is not limited to:

· Visibly explicit sexual intercourse

· Implied sexual intercourse

· Stimulation

· Content that promotes or encourages participation in pedophilia

· Solicitation: Soliciting child sexual exploitation-related content, nudes or sexualized imagery of minors is strictly prohibited

Suicide & Self-Harm:

· Safety is our number one priority, and we want our platform to be a space where people can talk about their experiences and seek support from one another. That said, if you believe and are aware that someone is at risk of harming themselves, please contact local emergency or support services.

· We do not allow people to praise, celebrate or promote suicide or self-harm, given the risks associated with such actions.

· Content that provides instructions for, encourages participation in, or praises self-harm or suicidal content will be removed from our platforms.

· Any type of self-harm

· Suicide

· Self-Harm

· Eating Disorders: Anorexia or Bulimia

Illegal or Criminal Activities:

· Criminal Activities: Any content or behavior prohibited by any applicable law, including assaults, kidnappings, counterfeiting, human exploitation, smuggling, or trafficking.

· Sexual Solicitation: We do not allow content that encourages, advocates, or coordinates sexual services between adults (i.e., prostitution). We place rules around this to dissuade bad actors from using our platform for activities that may involve human trafficking, intimidation, and coercing into non-consensual sex acts.

· Human Exploitation: Content requesting, advocating, or enabling recruitment of potential victims through force, coercion, deception, blackmail, or other non-consensual acts is strictly prohibited.

· Regulated goods: We do not allow individuals to depict, solicit, purchase, sell, or trade the following: non-medical drugs, pharmaceutical drugs, marijuana, and weapons.

· Trading, purchasing, offering, buying endangered species or non-endangered animals are not allowed on our platforms, including advocating for or coordinating poaching activities.

Private Information:

· We prohibit the sharing of private and confidential information of yourself or others to protect our community’s privacy, and as such, we may delete any user profile that displays personal identifiable information. Additionally, any sharing of private information without consent is strictly prohibited and for that reason, pressuring someone into sharing their personal information or personal information of other, identity theft, or impersonation is also not allowed. Examples of private information:

· Government-issued IDs: National IDs, passports, social security cards, driver’s licenses, etc.

· Personal identifiable information: real, legal name, email address, location, residential addresses, etc.

· Digital identities with passwords, pins, and codes to access private information.

· Financial information: Bank account numbers (including security or pin codes), payment methods, credit, or debit card information with confidential information (expiration dates, security pins codes).


Our global online community is built on trust, and therefore inappropriate content or users who intend to scam, mislead, or deceive other users isn’t permitted nor allowed on our platforms. That’s why we have put in place rules around authenticity, fraudulent activities, and deceptive behavior.

Account Authenticity:

· Impersonating or misrepresenting others is not allowed on our platform, including but not limited to:

· Using somebody else’s photos with the explicit intention to deceive others of your identity.

· Creating an account assuming to be or speak for another person or entity to mislead others.

Name Policy:

We encourage our community to use the name they go by in their daily lives, identify with, or otherwise what is meaningful to them. A name helps others know who they are connecting with while maintaining an authentic and respectful environment.

· A name can’t include:

· Numbers, Symbols, or different characters from a variety of languages

· Sentences to replace a name

· Inappropriate, suggestive, or offensive words of any type

· Sexualizing or inappropriate emojis

Deceptive behavior and Spam:

· At kittychat, we strive to create a positive experience for our users and therefore work hard to limit the presence of content designed to deceive or aimed at hindering our user’s ability to connect with others authentically.

· Negative or misleading experiences can pose a threat to our community’s sense of security and trust in the connections they make, and as such, we focus on preventing bad actors from abusing or interfering in our products in ways that may disrupt or adversely affect or inhibit other members from fully enjoying the services.

Photos, Shares, and Video Streaming Guidelines

· The following content violates our policies:

· Any content with minors is prohibited.

· Photos with the intention of impersonation or deliberately misleading users about your identity.

· Face-less photos (including those focused on sexualized body parts).

· Near nudity (including photos in underwear, bikini, shirtless, mirror selfies, etc.)

· Adult-themed and sexually explicit content.

· Any type of advertising and solicitation.

· Imagery displaying harassment, bullying, hate speech, and illegal activities.

· Regulated goods such as weapons, drugs, etc.